Paradise that offers that
combine fun and relaxation

28 April 2015


Stemnitsa is a paradise that offers many activities that combine fun and relaxation.

There are plenty of activities that you can do here. Some of them are: rafting, rappel, canyoning, trekking, mountain bike, ski in ski center of Mainalos mountain and hiking in the gorge of Lousios river.

You can also enjoy the whole landscape by hiking in organized and marked paths (a total journey of 75 km) www.menalontrail.eu or by unique paths through the pine forest, with a compatible car, jeep or motorcycle.

A short walk in the village will immediately make you discover all the natural beauty of the place. Main streets, stone houses, cobbled streets, old historic churches (currently operate 18 in number), stone fountains, bridges, blooming gardens, will all surely fascinate you.

You should also visit the Folklore Museum of Stemnitsa www.stemnitsamuseum.gr, the School Goldsmith (epas-stemn.ark.sch.gr), the odd Prodromos and Philosopher and the Water Power Museum in Dimitsana (8km).

Lastly, you can also visit the Virgin called “Baffero” and admire the sunset from the “Heroes” monument.